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An ECLECTIC (and messy!) PAINTER A Professional Artist who paints every day in one of her three art studios.

Caroline used to have a Art Studio Gallery in Marbella (estudio 61).

Caroline hulse professional artist
estudio 61 in the centre of Marbella

Caroline hulse professional artist
Self Portrait!
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New Paintings 2017

Bristol affordable art fair
Caroline is exhibiting with the Magic Easel Gallery at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair - 8-10th September 2017
The unveiling of the new paintings will take place there! Stand D7


Caroline has created 20 new paintings for the Bristol Affordable Art Fair

This is 1 painting of the 'Cloudy Day' series of paintings

The 'Lovely Day' series will also be on show.

Caroline hulse professional artist
A sample!

Caroline provides art works for public spaces, restaurants, hotels and offices. + Private buyers.

Caroline hulse professional artist
An original painting and Print Tryptic in offices

Caroline hulse professional artist
My painting in a restaurant in Marbella

An Experimental & Interpretive Artist

Caroline thinks a good professional artist should be able to paint anything! She believes in original creativity and coming up with 'original ideas' = click

Caroline hulse professional artist
Two large oil paintings outside my studio in Mapledurham



Caroline is classically trained, uses the best materials and makes her own canvases.

She works to CONCEPT like 'Too Much Chocolate Makes Me Sick' or 'Butterflies in My Tummy' and make many compositional drawings

It takes ages to get to a final piece. Sometimes months of working daily. She thinks, eats, walks, talks and dreams painting!

Caroline has always been a Professional Artist.


Caroline hulse professional artist


WATERCOLOUR PAINTINGS = I use 'proper' watercolour (Daniel Smith) NOT acrylic paints diluted with water. Everyone asks how do I get my 'watercolours' so vibrant. AHA!! It's all in the great process I use! click

Caroline hulse professional artist



TALKING PAINTINGS = I giggle a lot! I think a lot! click

Caroline hulse professional artist


LANDSCAPES = I believe everyone should start painting by studying 'landscape - it teaches you form, tone, colour and mark making. Which is an essential starting point for any painting genre. click

Caroline hulse professional artist

I always go back to Landscapes when I want to restablish some basics. click